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Hi-Fi Collective now have stock of the exceptional Shinkoh Tantalum resistors. Originating from Japan, they ceased production over 8 years ago. Commonly regarded as the best resistors in the World, they featured heavily in seriously high end hi-fi, such as Audio Note Japan`s famed Ongaku 211 amp.

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resistive material is tantalum nitride. Different resistivity values are achieved by controlling the Ta2N thickness and t he way in c it is annealed. An important feature of tantalum nitride is its (so-called) anodic property: By either electrical or thermal means a surface oxide layer can be created that acts to seal and protect the underlying ...

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Audio Note Tantalum Resistors These exotic resistors from Japan, sound less dry than the metal films and they do not emphasise any particular frequency range. They sound more natural, more musical.

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Tantalum (99) Thin Film (5) Custom Capacitors (6) Resistors. Fixed (406) Networks and Arrays (113) Thermistors (53) Varistors (10) Trimmers (25) Rheostats (3) Potentiometers (19) ... Vishay Intertechnology Receives 2018 Design & Elektronik Innovator of the Year Award . More press releases

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Solid Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors Tantamount™, Conformal Coated, Extended Range, Military, MIL-PRF-55365/13 Qualified SMD, conformal coated See datasheet

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The Audio Note tantalum resistors have a 1% tolerance. In many applications a 2 Watt tantalum resistor sounds much better then it's 1/2 or 1 Watt equivalent. Audio Note uses 2 Watt resistors consistently in many places in their higher Level finished products, rather than the smaller wattage for reasons of sound quality only.

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Tantalum & Ni-Chrome RESISTORS . News - July 10, 2017 Not much to say, apart from the fact that we have added a few new values to complete the range of 2 watt silver/Tantalum resistors.

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A typical tantalum capacitor is a chip capacitor and consists of tantalum powder pressed and sintered into a pellet as the anode of the capacitor, with the oxide layer of tantalum pentoxide as a dielectric, and a solid manganese dioxide electrolyte as the cathode.

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Tantalum recycling. We recycle all types of tantalum, we actually buy tantalum in all forms including: Powder, Tantalum oxide, Tantalum wire, Tantalum resistors, Tantalum capacitors of all kinds, Tantalum dust, Tantalum sheet, Tantalum foil, Tantalum rod, Solid tantalum, Tantalum tubing, Tantalum niobium, Tantalum caps, Tantalum chips.

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Tantalum and gold were sequentially sputtered and then the gold was diffused into the tantalum by heat treatment under vacuum". Thin Solid Films, 10 (1972) 337-353 TANTALUM THIN FILM RESISTORS 347 The resultant films from combinations consisting of about 7 % gold by thickness, were shown to be stable with T.C.Rs. of about 0 p.p.m./.

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A wide variety of tantalum resistors options are available to you, such as fixed resistor, thermal resistor, and fuse resistor. You can also choose from carbon film, cermet, and metal alloy. As well as from throught hole, surface mount.

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Tantalum film resistors from Japan, tinned copper axial leads. Considered by many D.I.Y. experimenters to be the best resistor for audio, offering unparalleled resolving power and transparency with warmth and musicality.

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Tantalum Recycling Inc is looking to purchase all types of Tantalum Contained Capacitors including but not limited too -- Tantalum Hermetic Capacitors, Tantalum SMD Capacitors, Tantalum Wet Capacitors, Tantalum Epoxy Capacitors and Silver/Tantalum Capacitors ...

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Home / Electronic Parts / Resistors / Audionote Tantalum Resistors 0.5w (10ohm – 2M ohm) Sale! Audionote Tantalum Resistors 0.5w (10ohm – 2M ohm) $ 4.40 $ 3.90. Resistance (ohm)

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Tantalum resistors are more compatible with tantalum capacitors. You can hear the difference on a clean sustained bass note, where, with other metal resistors, you can hear the electrons shuffling up and down across the galvanic potential between the two metals.

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Shinkoh resistors We have bought some remaining stock of the exceptional japanese made Shinkoh Tantalum resistors. Production ceased a few years ago. Commonly regarded as the best resistors in the World. They can be found in seriously high end hi-fi, such as Audio Note Japan`s amplifiers.

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Our scrap tantalum price per pound is the highest in the industry. We insure that you receive the best value for your tantalum scrap. Your material will be remelted to and go into a tantalum foundry or tantalum smelter and made into a new product.

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Shell & Tube Tantalum Heat-Exchangers Hairpin Heat Exchangers Bayonet Heaters Heating/Cooling Coils Vessels, Columns and Accessoires Tantalum Service-/Repair parts Measuring Technology Components Semi-manufactured parts for the jewelry designer Tantalum Heat-Exchanger

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Apr 13, 2008· Tantalum resistors Discussion in ' DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions ' started by slowpogo, Apr 12, 2008 . Apr 12, 2008 at 2:45 AM THREAD STARTER

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Tantalum is a chemical element with symbol Ta and atomic number 73. ... mainly capacitors and some high-power resistors. Tantalum electrolytic capacitors exploit the tendency of tantalum to form a protective oxide surface layer, using tantalum powder, pressed into a …

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Tantalum mining: Supply and demand Tantalum is extremely rare, averaging only 2 parts per million in the Earth's crust. ... Investing News. Daily News; Stocks . ... Investing News Network.

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Post-deposition rapid vacuum annealing of tantalum nitride (Ta 2 N) thin film resistors (TFR) was successful in improving the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) to ±5 ppm/°C with starting TCR at about −140 ppm/°C. A subsequent aging study revealed …

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Tantalum Nitride is self passivating (moisture resistant). The tantalum pentoxide passivation is formed during our air anneal stabilization process. For high power Chip Resistors, substrates of Aluminum Nitride and Beryllium Oxide are commonly used. Basic equation for calculating resistance

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Venkel SMD Tantalum Capacitors, including Low ESR, Polymer and Miniature Solid Undertab. Up to 1000uF, 4.0V to 50V. Large inventory, same day shipments. Ask for FREE samples.

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Tantalum Capacitors AVX is the number one tantalum capacitor supplier with four manufacturing plants worldwide, which provides flexibility and capacity for the demanding electronic industry. We are the global leader in MnO 2 solid tantalum technologies such as smallest case size MnO 2, highest temperature capabilities up to 230°C and lowest ...

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The thin-film resistors start with a "hard" substrate such as silicon, GaAs or alumina. An extremely thin layer (hundreds of Angstroms) of resistor material is deposited over the entire substrate surface, using a sputtering process. ... Thin-film resistor materials are usually tantalum nitride (Tan) or nichrome. A limited range of sheet ...

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Audio Note Non-Magnetic Tantalum 2 Watt Resistors. Audio Note Non-Magnetic Tantalum 2 Watt Resistors. Audio Note Resistor 10R Ohm 2W Non-Magnetic Series. USD $ 19.90 USD $19.90. Unit of Measure: Each. SKU#: ANRNMTR-81688. Qty In Stock. Audio Note Resistor 12R Ohm 2W Non-Magnetic Series.

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Tantalum nitride (Ta N) is an inorganic chemical compound.It is sometimes used to create barrier or "glue" layers between copper, or other conductive metals, and dielectric insulator films such as thermal oxides.These films are deposited on top of silicon wafers during the manufacture of integrated circuits, to create thin film surface mount resistors and has other electronic applications.